HELP - Spell names

I’m making a fantasy story and I wanna know if I could use the harry potter spell names or if I can’t because of copyright.
Can please anyone let me know?

I don’t think you can as they’re made specific to Harry Potter and aren’t actual words x

Oki thanks, so I’ll just have to make up my own spell names? x

yeah pretty much, just check in google they aren’t used first I’d say x

Okay thank you so much x

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actually most of them are latin. but I agree, I would make something up.

you could make anagram of words, or use a diffrent landguage. thats what I do

Adding onto what @line123462 said you could make your own letter forms like this?

But then you would have to make the speech bubbles and use tappable overlays. But it’s up to you.


We’ll say they use expecto patronum, things like that are defo just Harry Potter

if you google the words, the first suggestion explain what it means in latin

Expecto Patronum, the spell that conjured up Harry’s magnificent stag Patronus, roughly translates into ’ I expect (or await) a guardian ’ in Latin,

Yeah I know but I mean she wouldn’t want to risk it as it is definitely harshly linked to Harry Potter sorry I worded mine wrong

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Hi! I’m pretty certain you can’t use them, as it would be like if you called the kingdom Westeros or the school Hogwarts. You can however have fun making your own. You could use the Harry Potter ones as inspiration and change them, maybe looking up words in latin.

I would recommend checking out this site! :blob_sun:

Thank you all, this has helped me a lot x

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