HELP! Splash needed in LL!

i hope i put this in the correct catagory

I will be needing a splash. I need it to be done as soon as possible.
So if any artist is free pls send me your examples.
I will credit you in my story if i like it.
Deadline: 1 week 3 days


Wordings : This story contains Mature Themes and Languages


Character details:

  • For the boy:
    Skin colour: Neutral 03
    Eyebrow: Male generic ( BlackJet)
    Hair: Conservative cut (Black Dark)
    Eyes: Deepest downturn Lidded (Brown dark)
    Face: Male generic
    Nose: Straight narrow
    Lips: Medium Heart (Neutral medium Nude Matte)
  • for the girl:
    Skin colour: Copper 01
    Eyebrow: Arched Natural (Dark Brown)
    Hair: Long Feathered (Brown Black)
    Eyes: round medium (Brown dark)
    Face: Round Soft
    Nose: Grecian Soft
    Lips: Full heart Pouty (Red Deep Matte)


  • For the girl:
    Deep V Swimsuit Lycra Cherry Red
    Dagger Arm Tattoo Ink Multi Color

  • For the boy:
    Loose Workout Pants Denim Grey Black
    Dagger And Roses Arm Tattoo Solid

Our group can help you! I haven’t set up the form for it yet, but we would still love to do one for you! I’ll send you a preview when I figure out which one of my editors will do it. If that’s alright with you of course

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I will be needing some examples as i mentioned before.

I am also @The_Crazy_Monkeys, just so you know :joy:

Here are some examples of my friend’s work. She’d love to help you out

Is your frnd okay with doing it? coz i want the exact same pose… and how much time will it take?

I’ll see. And yes she would love to do it!! The Crazy Monkeys are bere to help people by doing Story Reviews, Video Edits, Overlays, Coveres etc.

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Yea! We do, there’s a thread for it. Can prpbably send you a link in a bit.

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Here is the link!

Okay I will put in a request.

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Hey, can you give me the description of what you wanted for the splash

The details are in my first post. Pls feel free to check it out.

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