Help: Spot Directing of Characters

Okay, so when I have a spot for the characters, they appear out of nowhere, but I want them to already be there.
Does that make sense? Using Limelight.


You need to place the character off-screen first. Like

@GUARD 1 spot 1.280 0 51 (not sure if this is the right coordinates)

Then, the character must walk to that spot.

Ok thanks. One question though, how do I make a character enter and go to a position I chose?

If I’m not wrong, @char enters from left/right to spot should work

Dunno though, it’s been awhile using enters left/right :thinking:

Okay thanks.

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If you want them to already stand there not appear out of nowhere (lines 378,379,380,381) you have to use & instead of @ :slight_smile:
&ANASTASIA stands screen left in zone 1
&GUARD 1 stands blahblah
&GUARD 2 stands blahblah
@BOSS stands blahblah (I always leave the last one with @ command)

@PlatinumBarbie @ GUARD 1 enters from left to spot 1.280 49 51
You won’t need GUARD 1 faces right if they enter from left, but if GUARD 1 enters from right then you can put @ GUARD 1 faces right

You could try something like this

&CHARACTER spot 1,280 -100 51
@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 49 51 in s

#Note that s means how much seconds you want the character to walk to a spot