HELP! Spot size out of place

I hope will be able to help me, I need to know what I do wrong, I have been coding for a while now and this never happened before (this is the second time) I change the characters size and move them where I want them (4 characters) in 1 zone then as soon as I preview, 2 characters are langer (taller) as I wanted them then I have to change the size manualy gor instansts at the moment if I click on that character it says spot. 0.934 101 125 but on my script where I needed to change it the size is 0.890 … :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: and I only changed the size Manualy because I had no other way to make him shorter

I think your error may be linked to this post here. I’m not positive, but what you’re describing sounds like that.


Thats exactly the same thanks so much for helping :blush:

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