Help! Spotting error!

I need 2 characters to come in onscreen. I just did enter for one of them (GABI) but for my other character (ESHAL) I have to spot her and let her walk onscreen. The problem is when I spot ESHAL there’s a script error: Use the word “spot” before the numbers specifying the spot.
annnnnd here’s my script:

@cut to zone 2
@transition curtain out_right black 1
&JULIA spot 1.280 197 1 AND JULIA moves to layer 0
&HARPER spot 1.280 272 -0
&GABI enters from left to screen left AND ESHAL faces left
&ESHAL spot 1.280 -60 5 in zone 2 AND ESHAL walks to 1.280 114 3
&ESHAL moves to layer 2

should be

AND ESHAL walks to spot 1.280 114 3

Omg, I’m so dumb. THANK YOU!!!

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No problem, I’ve made the mistake too, a few times :joy: :joy: