Help Starting Episode with already active characters



My story starts off with two characters kissing. However, the guy is always seen just standing there and then turning to kiss.

I’ve tried placing his actions before hers, starting with a pan from 3 to 1 ( in hopes they’d establish themselves while off camera). I’m new so i don’t know what else there is. This is Lime light characters if that matters.

Thanks in advance!


Try first writing the animations with & and “starts”

for example:


&CHARACTER 1 spot 1.28 126 100 in zone 1 at layer 2 and CHARACTER 1 faces left
&CHARACTER 2 spot 1.28 200 100 in zone 1 at layer 1 and CHARACTER 2 faces left

&BGWOMAN8 starts kiss_passionate_loop_rear and EXF5 starts kiss_passionate_loop

And then transition, pan whatever you’re doing.
Did you get the idea?


Yes thanks! Going to try it out now.


Thank you so much! Changing the @ to the & made everything flow better throughout!


Cheers for the reply @m-d! Closing thread :v:t2:


You’re welcome!