Help story cover!

hey! does anyone know how to do a story cover, except art that looks like the Kiss List, the Dolan Twins, or It starts with a Bra??? I like that kind of art for story covers way better than what most people do, does anyone know anything about that?


Are you looking for a cover that is free?

either one!

@AnnSza she does covers but you have to pay for them
I saw somebody who did very realistic covers but I forgot the name. Just look in a ton of art shops.

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like you want a drawn cover?

I don’t know how to explain it but look on the kind of art that is on the Kiss list, i want that kind of art

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If you’re still in need, I do commissions! If you want, I can show some examples! Or you can head to my insta: @annszaa

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This is my style


Nice style meanwhile I’m working myself to make a good cover which won’t happen :sob:.


wow that’s so good


You’re looking for a drawn cover, If you want one of those you need to find an artist who is willing to draw one for you. They can vary in prices, some artists will even do them for free! if you looking for a free cover search places like instagram, the forums or deviant art for people taking requests. If you find someone who’s art you like you can message them and see if they’ll draw your cover! Commissions would most likely be your easiest option as many artist offer commissions which vary in prices! Find an artist you like who offers commissions and request! You will have much more creative control from commissions as you’re paying the artist. Artists who take request normally take more creative liberties as they provide their services for free!

Some of my favorite artists that offer commissions are:

flaxig (instagram)
Avrria (deviantart)
Reverdant (instagram)

Some artists that offer requests:

Peezytang (deviantart)
alo.lemon (instagram)

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Hi.If you are still seeking for a cover artist.Then I’m also interested.You can see my artwork examples on my Instagram:

And DM me there if interested.

A recent commission I just completed.

I do covers with that kind of style.
I’m currently taking commissions if you’re interested at cheap prices :blush:

Kind of style:


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