Help, story plot!

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all having an amazing day. If not, it’s okay. It will get better. Anywho, I need help coming up with an idea for my story. So, the idea is for the MC to eventually fall in love with a mysterious guy who happens to be a werewolf but, I don’t know their backstories. It’s not your typical 17-year-old girl and some 300+ year old dude… ew! I want both of them to be working somehow at some sort of job and then his secret gets revealed. How should I put this?


You could make them work at the same place and one day the girl go to storage and eavesdrop on the conversation he had with a friend (on the phone)

Perhaps something could be about to fall on MC (heavy boxes/storage?) or she’s about to get burned with hot oil or something (chef/cooking job?) or they’ve just clocked out of work and she’s about to get hit by a car and the only way he can react quick enough to sway her from harm is by turning into a werewolf and pushing her out of the way/pushing whatever may harm her out of the way?

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Okay! That last part reminds me of that scene from Twilight! hahaha! :joy:


Baha, I don’t remember a whole lot from twilight but I do remember a lot from Vampires Suck lmao (don’t know if you’ve seen that or not, but if you haven’t – you should). :joy:

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