HELP! Story removed without the posibility of modifying it!

Please answer me if you know what to do in this case or if this has happened to any of you.
A while ago my story got reported and I received an email from Episode to change some things.
I’ve done that and the reviewer said everything’s ok now. Then a few weeks after my story got reported again and removed. I received an email saying that the guideline is changing and that I will be informed in the future about what I have to change again.
I’ve sent them tickets since then to review my story and to tell me what it is that I have to change so that I can do it and get my story back, but all the tickets have been CLOSED without a single line of reply.
My problem is that I don’t know when that future will be and in the meanwhile, I’ve lost almost all of my readers… and I think everybody knows how hard it is to get readers.
This is very concerning because, in the end, you don’t have any power over your story… And I’ve worked a year on it, on a daily basis.

Please let me know if you had this problem and how you’ve solved it!

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Uhm @Sydney_H or @Jeremy

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Thank you! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

can I ask what your story got reported on?

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Unfortunatelly I think you can only solve it through support (ticket). - that they do not react and close the ticket without reply is really strange!!

Also check the guidelance - there are many restrictions - be sure you do not violate any of them.

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The first time it got reported for Inappropriate Content, but I fixed that according to what the reviewer said.
The second time they didn’t even tell me why, just that it got reported again and they have to remove it until the new guideline kicks in and they can review it according to that one.
Basically, my story got removed for some rules that don’t exist yet.:weary:
But who knows when that will happen… I’ll lose all my readers till then.

I have the tickets… They’re marked as solved without a single word :pensive:
I’ve kept sending them new ones requesting a review so that I’ll know what I have to change.
I’ve read the guidelines, even the first reviewer said it was ok.

Can you still access your story through writer’s portal though?

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Yes, I can!
I even asked them if I can revamp the story, but I didn’t get an answer to that either.

OK that’s great, just double checking if that changed because i’ve heard that u can from a year ago, you are really lucky you still have your story, that’s a relief :+1: I recommend maybe working on a new one :sweat_smile: Like you can re-do it by copying your script, changing anything that doesn’t follow guidelines and then publish it.

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That is so strange - I get answers on every ticket I have send.


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I had 200k reads on this one… I don’t want to lose my readers :pensive:

:scream::scream: That’s bang out of order :weary: so sorry this happened to you! Have you tried replying to one of the emails they sent you?

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@miru perhaps try again :sweat:

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I know… I got too, till now.
I’m not sure if I’m allowed to publish ss with the unsolved closed tickets :thinking:

I’ll keep trying till I die :joy:
I’ve worked a year on it… I had 31 chapters published and unpublished but finished till 54.

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Thank you!
I did… no answer :pensive:

if you want send me the link to the story - I can read it (if it will let me) an tell you if I will see something coliding with the rules.

If it is in general - like you story promotes violence and rasizm… there will be no modification enough to make it go through the rules.

also maby silly question - can it be that you have some “enemy” who hoes this to you intentionally?

It is hapening to my friend on facebook - he is painter and paint usualy naked woman but all the sensitive parts are pixelewd or covered so he is in the rules of the facebook but somebody just because he loves to make him problem is reporting his content so he has for month not acces to FB till thay manualy evaluate it and find out it is actually OK and it is republished…

due to so many stories I believe it is almost imposssible for the stuff of episode to read all reported stories so it might be so that if the story is reported more times it goes to the black list. or something like this…

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maby try write them from another email and ask as general question? In case your email is somewhow banned or so…

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I’ve been no 1 in Action for a few weeks in a row, so I probably have some enemies :roll_eyes:
My link is no longer available :frowning_face: