HELP! Story removed without the posibility of modifying it!

My mail isn’t blocked because I got answers for other stories, just not for this one.
Every question I ask about it is left without an answer.

Thay as I say try to write the ticket on another email ask general question abou this situation to get somebody talk to you. I have no better idea

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I’d be climbing the walls! Ugh :weary::sob: Have you tried messaging the creators on Instagram? I don’t know if @Melani3 can help :grimacing: or @Tyler :thinking:

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WHAT??? Thay do answer on other stories and not on this one - WTF??? That is insane!!

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Oh man, this is really upsetting :confounded:

Have you used the web url above your banned story when you sent a support ticket?

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I feel like I’m going crazy. I didn’t try… I don’t think they’d reply :pensive:

I have 2 other stories… One of them got an overlay rejected so I modified it and ask them to check it quickly because it was from an ongoing story, and they did, and answered me back.
And for the other I had a proofreader that couldn’t open my story once I published… And they answered that one too… They couldn’t solve it, but answered.

Yes, I did… They know what story I’m talking about.

That is insane!!! - at last if thay would tell you that the story is wiolationg the rules so much it is banned for ever or anything so you know where yu stand but this comunication vacuum is psycho. I am so sorry for you - especialy that your story must have been really amazing if it was on 1 place!

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sems like you have enemy in the episode stuff itself…:scream::scream::scream:

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Everybody liked it… I didn’t get 1 single message to complain about it and I got over 500 fanmails telling me how much they love it. People send me messages everyday because they’re confused and don’t understand what happened…
I think if it got verified from the first reviewer , then it couldn’t have crossed so many rules.


Can you please help me with an answer @Tyler ? I am willing to quickly modify anything that I’m requested. I just need to know what my story still violates so that I can fix it before I’ll lose all my readers.
I recently published a new chapter and every click on my story removes it from my readers’ favorites :pensive:

I dunno if it helps…but I just am solving one issue with support … so I wrote her about this and give her link to this forum… I really hope for you somebody will contact you.

Seem to mee odd…good stories with a lot of readers means a lot of ads = money for episode - there is, therefore, no reason for them to ignore sucesfull writer - I really hope no matter what it is just some bug and not the intention . Whis you all luck you can get about this!!!

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Thank you so much!!! Your support means a lot to me! :kissing_heart:
I really hope it will get solved soon because I’m really worried about the fact that I worked a year on a story, and I haven’t even been told what’s wrong with it or given the chance to fix it. :pensive:

I really wish that no other writer will ever go through what I’ve been experiencing during the last week.

Okay, so I looked into this. What happened is that you sent in multiple tickets while you still had a ticket open on the same topic. The way that our system works, when you respond – either in the same ticket or via another ticket – it resets the clock on the original ticket and pushes it to the end of the line because the system serves us tickets from oldest response to newest.

The tickets that were closed were not ignored, they were merged with the original ticket so that the original person working with you could easily see any new information you sent. We do this because otherwise you could potentially end up talking to 5 different people who all have different bits of information but none of whom have the whole story.

When you have a ticket open it is really, really important that you wait for a response from us unless you absolutely have to respond with new information before then. Sending the same information multiiple times only delays the response.

All that being said, I have answered you in tickets as of this morning. Generally speaking, the forum is not the right venue for the kind of question you have on this. IF you have something really urgent, and you feel you cannot wait for a response, you can send in a ticket with ATT: Arlene [subject here] and it will be escalated to me. Please make sure it is really urgent, though, because if it is something that can be handled by a regular agent I will just kick it to the agent pool.

I responded here because I wanted to address confusion about the process, but mostly I don’t do that. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! :blush:
I really didn’t know where else to ask, and I invested a lot of time and money in my story.

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This can be closed!
Thank you!