HELP! Stuck between Two Story Ideas!



Hello! I wanted to ask you guys about story themes… I’ve been thinking about starting my first story for a long time in Episode, but I kinda stuck with two very different story ideas–one is a science fiction, action themed and the other one is a light themed drama comedy. I kinda want to write the drama comedy one because it’s way easier for me to write the dialogue and to come up with a new plot for each episodes. On the other hand, I also want to try something new with heavily themed story, but I think it would be a big challenge for me to come up with the plots.

So, what do you guys think? Which one should I write first?


Write drama comedy
Just write want Ur comfortable with


I think you should go with science fiction/ action theme, but it does help if you go with something your more comfortable of doing, whatever you chose just have fun writing your story. :wink:


That’s exactly what I meant


But if I chose to write drama comedy, would people still be interested in reading it?


That depends on the plot, mostly, not the genre. If I see a story with an interesting description I’ll read it, regardless of the genre.

For your first story, I think you should do the comedy since you’re more comfortable with that.


If you plan on writing them both anyway, I’d start with the one you’re more comfortable with (the drama/comedy). A sci-fi/action story would be awesome! But I think the directing on that one could possibly be a bit tricker (I obviously don’t know your plot) so it might be better if you start with the story you find easier so you can get more familiar with the portal.


I wouldn’t mind reading your story, so you can count me in i’ll be interested in reading your story.


I think I’ll go with the drama comedy first. Thank you guys for helping me!