HELP! Swapping Covers for Own Voices submission?

Thanks ahead of time for taking the time to read this!

I submitted a story into the Own Voices contest (OV: JUNE), and after I published it… I realized I mixed up my large cover and small cover!

On the night of the deadline, I resubmitted the covers so that they’d be correct. I did submit them within the deadline!! The only thing is… they just got approved - today. Can I update my story to reflect the changes?

If you look at my story - you’ll understand what I mean. The smaller story cover - the background is transparent, and the larger one… the background is not transparent.

They are the same exact pictures - except one is transparent. I wouldn’t be changing the content or anything like that…. Would it get me disqualified from the contest if I swap them out with each other?!

It would looks SO much better if I could swap them out. My small cover looks blank and boring because of the transparent background

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No, you can’t, even if you submitted them earlier. They just have been approved now and to make them visible, you have to update your story. This would disqualify you. I wouldn’t risk that

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That’s what I’m afraid of… I’ll get disqualified!

This is my first contest entry and I don’t want to ruin it for myself, I’m just not used to the rules yet.

Probably just best to play it safe and leave it for now. Maybe I’ll send in a ticket to support and ask? Thanks for your help! :heart:

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I know it can get confusing but it’s clearly stated in the rules that you can’t. I don’t think sending a ticket will change that fact and I’m sure they won’t make an exception just because you ask nicely :sweat_smile:
Good luck with your entry!

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That’s probably true, I’ll just be patient and wait until the contest is over. Thanks!!

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Send a ticket and explain to them

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I did that f up. please don’t, wait to the contest is over.