HELP! Tappable overlays following choices?

I’ve seen stories using the point system that use overlays to signify whether or not you received a point… I’m trying to do this with my own story & there’s an issue with my code, but I’m not sure how to fix it. Any help is appreciated!

This is the current script:

I would move all the overlay shifting and creation except for the opacity to before the choice.

@overlay POINT SYSTEM x1 create
@overlay POINT SYSTEM x1 shifts to 187 115 in zone 3 in 0
@overlay POINT SYSTEM x1 scales to 0.375 0.375 in 0
@overlay POINT SYSTEM x1 moves to layer 4

Dialogue goes here

"I'm not sure" {
@overlay POINT SYSTEM x1 opacity 1 in 3

Hey! I’m glad you reached out… but I didn’t completely understand what you meant & I’m still getting the same warning.

Edit: nevermind it’s been fixed, tysm for your help :heart:

I’m pretty sure the problem is the “x1” in the overlay name; try capitalising the X (overlay names always go in capital letters!)

Lol I feel so stupid now, but thank you so much because I failed to notice :sob:

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