HELP the Newbie

Hello fellow Episode lovers!!

I’ve been dragging my feet to create a story but, have finally decided to take the plunge. I absolutely love writing but, am new to coding so your help is needed. I have tried using the tutorials as well as watching you tube videos and am stuck on my first scene (so embarrassed, don’t laugh). Any wisdom you are willing to pass along to this amateur, would be absolutely amazing!


Tell me what are you stuck in and I’ll love to help you :upside_down_face::sparkles:

Cool, Captain_vanilla! Ha! We are both Captains! Anyway, I have my character in her room and had her stand up from her bed and do a bored_yawn. Now I simply want to create a text bubble and it won’t let me. What am I missing here??

Give these a look maybe they can help

Thanks for your help, girl! It ended up being something really stupid. Ha!

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If you still need it, I can help you out anytime.

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Thanks Laurelle! I’ll be sure to do that if I need help again. :grin:

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