Help there please

How many episode stories in main menu I have to read to unlock the other category stories?? I lost my account

17, I think?

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Do you mean like when you first download episode and they force you to read the featured stories before you unlock community/other genres? Because I think they claimed last April that it’s 10 chapters, but I’m pretty sure a lot of people have been saying recently that they had to read 17-18 chapters. Or you can spend gems and you won’t have to read any chapters.


Yes that’s it well I will try to read… :confused: don’t have another solution. Thank you

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If you have link for story you can read it even if it is not episode story - at last it was so some time ago - I gues weven reads on this stories will count but I cant tell for 100%

I I’m trying to play but I didn’t unlock yet the category stories. Will take a while :frowning:

My friend (who are not on episode) wanted to see what I do and read my story - so they downloaded the app and I have send them link to my story and it worked for them. They didnt had to read the episode featured stories at all - they ware direcly reading my story. Even they didnt had acess to the comunity stories in general.

So if you are able to get to link of a story you are interested in (lot of can be found in promoting section of the forum) - you can try it this way.

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