HELP: this is for muslims

in my story, there is an islam character. she wants to participate in ramadan however she is the only muslim in the family. how would she celebrate. would her family also participate with her

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Is her family accepting of her religion?

Ramadan is about fasting and abstaining… no liquids (water included), no food, no sex
You pray while fasting and you break the fast at sunset
The fasting lasts for a month and it’s done 6am to 6pm daily where I’m from

Over here Muslims throw a celebration at the end of Ramadan… A feast; animals are killed, foods and drinks are served, prayers still happen on this day


yes they are accepting of her religion. can they join as well?

They can join in the fasting yeah

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I went to Cadets with a few Muslims, and during these fasting periods, they’d bring food, and have to eat during the night (it was 6-9).


Haha that’s why I put where I’m from after the 6 to 6


Hello, just wanted to say the thing about animals doesn’t happen at the end of the Ramadan. It’s for the feast of sacrifice. And Its purpose is not to celebrate anything, but to sacrifice to Allah. Most of the cut meat is distributed to people in financial difficulties.

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Edit: The holiday at the end of Ramadan is the feast of candy. Candy is given to children who come to the door, and those older than you are visited.


Sacrificing animals is called kurbani I’m not sure what Arabs do tbh I’m not Arab

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No they get money from family it’s called eid I think ur mistaken wid Halloween

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Umm, I’m not. I’m a Muslim, sweetheart. I did not say anything about zakat and fitra, I think you are talking about them.

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