Help to choose story idea

Hello I’m have some ideas and I don’t know which one I should choose.

  1. Vampire story. THIS WILL NOT BE VAMPIRE LOVE STORY IN HIGH SCHOOL this story will be about four powerfull vampire families which are fighting with each other.

  2. Superhero story. You don’t remember last 2 years of your life and now you have superpowers. Will you be able to find out what happened and what you should do with your new powers?

  3. Superhumans/mutants story. This story will be a little similiar to xmens. You are member of secret superhumans organization which is trying to stop evil superhumans.

  4. Time travel and alien story. In the future earth is occuped by very dangerous aliens. So your son travel back to past to prevent it.

    1. Vampires
    1. Superhero
    1. Superhumans/mutants
    1. Time travel and aliens

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I find the time travel one really interesting!

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