Help to Correctly Design Japanese Characters

Hey there! I’m writin an Episode Story and I’m kinda having trouble with designing my characters. I have a family of 4 Japanese characters. I’m messing around with the creator but I can’t get the look I’m going for, a natural Japanese ethnicity look.

Info on the Family

Mother: Ayane

  • She’ll be 32, and she’s very traditional.

Father: Daichi

  • He’s 33 and he’s less traditional but still maintains that sort of air

Oldest Daughter: Akemi

  • She’s 17, and slightly the rebellious one, aiming to be more modern while balancing her tradition.

Youngest Daughter: Ichika

  • She’s 12 and is a free spirit but hides it to please her parents.

Could you share with me details or examples that might help me? Thanks!

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Wow, young Mom.
Is it going to say anything about her having a child as a young teen?

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Yeah, that’s one of the things that it’s going to touch on. The issues and promblems that comes along with it. In addition that’s really what influences their traditional personality and it ties into the family’s history and everything :upside_down_face:

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