Help to create overlay

Hello all !

I can’t install GIMP on my office laptop (the only I have). Is there anyone kind off to create the following overlay for ?

In the picture enclosed, I only want the one of the bushes in the red rectangle.

Thank you for your help !!:pray:


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Just one? If so which one do you want? @Jessy_S

Download ibis pain x on ur phone and erase the background, that’s the only app I use for overlays :smile:


Did you mean to reply to @Jessy_S?

Yeah I’m sorry :rofl:

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Hi @Danielle318, the three first from the right separately.

I asked only one to not disturb anyone actually :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Ok thank you for the advice !

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Does it make a transparent background ?

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Yes. I can get that for you.

I hope this is what you mean,

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Yes thank you !!

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