Help to create the choice of clothes


Hello. I am writing my first story. I have a little trouble with some things. For example I want to shower one of my characters but I do not know how to make him take off his clothes, or have him put his towel. or even have readers choose to dress. I saw a video on youtube but when I do like the person it does not work. thank you in advance for your help.


To change clothes you use the code @CHARACTER changes into Name_Of_The-Outfit, a typical closet scene would be:

@CHAR changes into CHAR_getready -> This would be an outfit you made before, of the character only wearing a towel
@CHAR spot 1.181 170 99 in zone 2
readerMessage After a short shower…
@pan to zone 2 in 3

label chooseoutfit1
@speechbubble is 142 267 to 100% with tail_top_right
CHAR (think_rubchin)
(What do I want to wear today?)

“Outfit 1” {

@CHAR is dustoff_neutral_loop
@CHAR is dustoff_neutral_loop
@CHAR changes into Outfit_Name (-> You created those beforehand and enter the correct name)
@pause for 2

    CHAR (admire_happy)
Is this my outfit for today?

“Yes, I love it!!” {

goto endoutfit1

} “No, let me see the other options again.” {

goto chooseoutfit1


} “Outfit 2” {

@CHAR is dustoff_neutral_loop
@CHAR is dustoff_neutral_loop
@CHAR changes into Outfit_Name_Two
@pause for 2

    CHAR (admire_happy)
(Is this my outfit for today?)

“Yes, I love it!” {

goto endoutfit1

} “No, let me see the other options again.” {

goto chooseoutfit1


label endoutfit1

[Story continues]


To shower, there are a few options on how to do it, you just need to make an outfit where the character wears “censor bars” (females two, males one) and change the character into this outfit, preferable from them wearing a towel or something else “little” beforehand.
I usually use the INT. ICE BATH BATHROOM - NIGHT background and zoom to 200% at the CHAR to just get the illusion of them standing in the shower and not a bath tube, but you can obviously also just use custom made backgrounds of an actual shower, people are always willing to share those!
I also think actions like @CHAR is dustoff_neutral_loop to change and @CHAR is sing_airguitar_neutral_loop look really realistic in the shower!

To learn more about how to use certain actions, backgrounds and other basic and more advanced things I would seriously recommend checking out the guide that is provided by Episode! They explain everything really great:


thank you for the answer :).


I tried for the shower it does not work … I will see if I find on the forum what other users say above. in any case thanks for the answer :slight_smile:


For example, it would be:

@CHAR changes into Outfit_towel
@CHAR enters from left to screen center
@zoom on CHAR to 200% in 3
&CHAR is dustoff_neutral_loop
@CHAR is dustoff_neutral_loop
@CHAR changes into Outfit_naked
@CHAR starts sing_airguitar_neutral_loop

@pause for a beat
@CHAR is dustoff_neutral_loop
@CHAR is dustoff_neutral_loop
@CHAR changes into Outfit_whatever
@zoom on CHAR to 100% in 3
@CHAR is idle_happy

You would have to create the outfits and add whatever else you want the character to do :slight_smile:


okay i will try. thank you so much for the help :slight_smile:


I succeeded :smiley: !!! thanks thanks thanks!!


You’re welcome!


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I would have another request. how to make the characters interact physically. for example if my character wants to hug his mother or his friend … or kiss his boyfriend … I know what to select but make them advance towards each other so that they are closer. what i mean is that when i do it they kiss or cuddle in the emptiness … and i do not know how to fix it …


I don‘t have a script for that myself but maybe this post will help you!


hello. can anyone tell me how to be successful at putting music when I go to sound? I do not know how to add this. thank you.