Help to find a good story


Hi! I’m new here :slight_smile:

(Sorry for my english but isn't my first language)

I’m looking for a good story that can caught all of my attention and my passes :rofl: Maybe a story where is just one love interest(?), or the MC is a guy(?), an original plot.
Not mafia/pregnant by the bad boy cousin who is also a gang leader/ or popular girl that hates the mc from nowhere. (I have nothing against that stories but is not what I like to read :smile: )
Can you please help me? I’m stuck in the trending section and searching for something different seems to take a lot of time.
Thank you! :smile:


Hey, I’ve got one story in mind but it does not have a male mc and the genre it Fantasy
Are you okay with it??

This is that story


I’m going to read it right now, any genre will be fine, thank you! :slight_smile:


I hope you like it!!! It’s a great story, I’m already obsessed with it🙌


Hmm… Male MC’s?? There’s Equality by @amepisode where you can choose to be male or female. It’s LGBTQ so if you choose male, your love interest is a male if that’s okay with you. It’s a fantastic story and I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it already. The Cardboard House and Destiny Dispatcher are both by @Echo_D and both fantastic as well. I’m blanking right now on other male lead stories but I might come suggest more when I can remember!


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Galileo School of Magic has a gender option

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Thank you moon :heart_eyes: you’re too good to me :kissing_heart:


You should check out my topic: What’s Your Favorite Story? because it has a list of my fav stories that you may also like! :smiley:


Pregnant by the bad boy cousin who is also a gang leader…? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Try going beyond trending section lol there are genres tons of good stories just try different stuff most of the trending stories (not all of them) are gangs/ bad boys/ pregnancy stories

There’s a nice male MC story called “The Blank Page” by Jenna (something more that I don’t remember but the author’s name starts with Jenna)

And if you like Horror/ Thriller go to that section if you’re stuck on trending stories there are barely any of those there (sad but true)

And I love Adrenaline (who doesn’t lol) it’s like the best directing ever looks like a movie and you weirdly have 6 love interests but that doesn’t make it bad it’s awesome.


I thought the story would be different at the start with the condition of the MC but when Cloudland was introduced it really change the things from there. I have read a few fantasy stories mostly of “prince charming” and they didn’t caught my attention at all,after a few chapters, they got boring.
So thank you I really enjoyed reading this story, the plot and characters and I’m waiting for more chapters. :slight_smile:


I’m glad you liked it!! :heart:


Wow Equality is the kind of story I was looking for; original plot, (no romance as the main focus). The way the story is done; I can see the effort that the author put in it with the backgrounds and details makes everything really cool, I so do like it!.
The council there is like the one from Mass Effect :laughing:

I started reading boderline and I replayed the story to see the others endings was really good too. The truth is that I ended reading all of the stories from that author they really caught my full attention so thank you for your recommendations. :smile:


Omg you play Mass Effect?! One of my favorite games ever!!! :heart_eyes: you have good taste! :yum:


@Ryan could you please close this?. Thanks! :slight_smile: