Help to improve my story

Hey everybody :slight_smile:
I have just started my first Episode story, and I am kind of curious about some topics, that I would be happy, if you to answer.
Firstly, go ahead and read my story “My Dark Ways”, and the come back to answer these question…

-Does the title and the Story Description sound interesting to you?
-Do you want to follow the story to the end?
-How is the language?
-What do you personally think about the story and the characters so far?
-Are there something else I should know about, please write about it.
-Could you maybe give me some tips to how I could improve my story?

In advance, thank you for your help, and I will try to do my best to improve the story “My Dark Way” :blush:

Title is okay. Description is pretty cliche. Not really interesting. Language, grammar wise is really bad. And girl, it’s *probably not properly. And know the difference between to and too. Some commas are not in the appropriate place. “Goes up” should be “she believes” or “she does believe.” Wrong words used sometimes. Ava and I not me and Ava. Week not weak. Add commas. And fgs please CAPITALIZE YOUR “Is.” Exicted not exited. Don’t need an “over.” Choose not chose. Face mask not facemaske. No “is.” Sit not sits.Listen not listened. Commas instead of periods. To not on.Personally, I would not read this again because of the grammar and I know people who would do that too. Story is SOOOO cliche negl and if Emma is muslim, please use the hijab hair not a hair cultural thing. Your story is good, but fix your grammar.

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