Help to perfect my Fantastical story!


Hey there! I’m currently undergoing writing the third chapter of my Fantastical story. I want it to be absolutely perfect and flawless and I feel as if I need more opinions on it to really capture its full potential! Pm me or drop a comment in this tread if you are interested!


You’re on your third chapter already? I’m still on my first! :exploding_head:

but then again, I did just have 2 weeks of exams…


Oh, and I’d be happy to help!


Guess I’m just a fast writer loool and I’ll pm you


I just have to complete the last few lines of my 3rd chapter then it will be done…:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Ahhh congratulations! I’m actually super excited for this contest because Fantasy is my favourite genre


Me too.
I love fantasy…:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


It’s great that episode has finally embraced it😂 I find that everything is romance and drama




Little bump! :slight_smile:


Hey, I can help! Fantasy is also my favourite genre!!!


Okay! I’ll pm you the link


Do you need some more helpers for your story?


I already published the story but always looking for feedback :slight_smile: