Help to write text messages (Limelight)

Hi, can someone help me with this. I want to make the MC get a text message where the readers can’t see the person who is writing to the MC and so that it looks like it is a text message. I hope someone understands what I mean!

If you don’t want a name to appear on the text, I usually use the NARRATOR to show texts.

If you want to have names on your characters who are sending the texts, try NARRATOR (CHARACTER) — it makes the speech bubble look like a normal narrator bubble with no little arrow pointing to a person, but also shows a name!



This is the code I used. is something wrong with it because it won’t work!

you forgot the brackets!

You have a new message (4)
" Open your messages " {
#insert script here

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Thank you so much, it works now!

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Just a tip.
You should try out the phonetext format
It appears like this :slight_smile:

MC’s text appears on the right side