Help to write the script

Hi everyone. I just became, or at least I hope I’ll be, a episode creator. but I have a lot of problem starting the script. I don’t understand why every thing I write became an error. i’mm trying to “copy” what on the guides but non even that help me. I just hope that someone can give me some advice, tips, anything that can help me with ! thank you.
(I’ve put in a picture of one of my problems when I try to write something - look the ERROR thing on the left. some times is red and sometimes in orange like this)

Have you watched tutorials on youtube?
Joseph Evans does very good tutorials and they helped me, and a lot of people usually watch them to understand what to do.

Mkay so.

@transition fade in black in 0.3

@pan to zone 2

@ TAYLOR is dance_wavehands_happy_loop AND JADE is dance_wavehands_happy_loop

I made the corrections of what you had in bold so you can see the difference.

thank you so much you both. I didn’t know about the tutorial… I’ll watch them!
and i for sure see the difference. thank you su much!!

Joseph Evans makes great videos. some are old but most stuff still work the same way. I recomand you to see the full list. even the oldest

playlist here

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