HELP! Urgent coding help


@CHARACTER spot 0.755 -24 355 AND CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is lay_asleep_loop
Why isn’t this working I’m using this background


Need it as soon as possible


Hi, what’s the problem? Can you leave a screenshot of your script?


I have it saughted now but I don’t understand how zones work still


Also the best way for her to stand up after laying


And how do I make the characters different height


Check out this video on zones:
You can watch Joseph Evans’ tutorials to gain some cool directing tips.

Zoom directing:

Can also use pans : )

How to make characters same height-check out:

The S value for the character would need to be the same in ink, I think (test this part out), however in Classic and Limelight, I believe it’s different. You should change the S value so that both characters appear the same height.

And here’s a guide on Spot walking:

I hope this helps!


Thx I’ll check those now I just winged it in my story lol

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