Help urgents narrator

hey i accidentally use narrator as a character and i wanted to delete it so can you tell me how!!! please i need help

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Character can be deleted only if he is not in the story…like not having there a single line not being set on the scene - then there is a button to delete a character in the character creation.

You can change all NARRATOR in your story to


it has the same function in script - then you should be able to delete the character Narrator (I guess)

Press delete character

well i don’t see it at my end!!! is it because i am using it??

yes as I said if the character is in story there is no button for deleting…therefore you must first change all NARRATOR to NARR… so the character will not be in story and then you should see the delete button

use the ctrl F - you can replace all in chapter in once - if you are not familiar with it let me know.

ohhhhh ok i will try it thank you

are you sure its ctrl f cause its not working!!

nvm it works thank you so much

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