Help us improve the Tap to Continue design!


Hello Episodians!

Based on your feedback, we are testing a new design for the Tap to Continue feature. We would love to see which one best fits your experience, but still helps the newest players learn. Any more feedback you have, we would love to hear in the comments!

Specifically, we are looking for only design preference. Don’t worry about how fast it shows up, we’ve already fixed that! :heart:

  • Hand only, No gradient
  • White Tap to Continue, with gradient
  • Pink Tap to Continue, no gradient
  • Small hand only, with gradient
  • White Tap to Continue with Hand and Gradient
  • Small hand only, no gradient
  • Pink Tap to Continue, small hand, no gradient

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Thank you for all your help!

The Episode Team



Thank you for listening to our concerns!


Thank you for let us choose! :heart:


What I’m going to say is a bit awkward but is the pic of a tapping finger really necessary? The thing is, most times a character is on screen, the finger points at… the most sensitive parts of their body. This feels weird to me. Am I alone in this?
At first, I thought it was because of my tablet. But the example pic proves otherwise.


I agree!


Ok… So I have to say, I don’t get why this is needed AT ALL? It’s seriously so annoying! I don’t want to come off negative about this, but I fear I will as I just want to give honest feedback on it.
So, under the text box, it already said tap to continue. It was small, subtle, but noticeable. In all honesty, I still don’t even know why it was needed as in this day and age, with touch screen smartphones and game apps like this, it’s pretty obvious you need to tap. But anyway, that text saying to tap underneath was bearable. Why feel the need to make it massive with a big finger (were people using their noses to tap?) Plus… it makes the screen light dim.
When trying to direct on the app, it makes it very difficult and it’s distracting. I don’t use the mobile previewer on the portal 1, because I find it fiddly using a mouse and it’s much easier on the app with fingers. 2, because the previewer on the portal crashes my laptop and over heats it. This doesn’t bother me, though, because I prefer to direct on the app. But this new massive tap to continue and finger is just getting in the way and making it very difficult. I also usually direct on my tablet and trust me, this tap to continue and finger is HUGE!
Other reasons this new feature is not working… because people take screenshots and share them on IG, Facebook, Twitter and other mediums. This is how people use the app. But this big ugly finger and text, plus the fact it dims the screen, ruins this. Also, filming the screen, again, it’s ruined because of this feature. Also, people tale screenshots of their own stories so can cut out characters to create covers and posts to share. But again, this feature is getting in the way of this.
My feedback is coming from a place of love for Episode. I just want to be honest about how this is ruining my reading and writing experience. People read at different speeds and may not even finish reading a sentence before this pops up and dims the screen and flashes at you.
To be constructive, my constructive feedback about how to improve it, is to please, please, please remove it altogether. The text saying tap to continue under the text box worked just fine. I don’t understand why the urge was felt to add this finger and huge text and screen dimming. Where there people who started to read a story but couldn’t because they didn’t know to tap? They had to tap to open the story in the first place.
Another suggestion, give us the option to turn this off, like the text effects.
I’m sorry if this is all sounding negative but I’m very frustrated right now. I adore Episode and love reading and writing on it, but I’ve had this feature for about 24 hours and it’s already driving me crazy :sob:
Much Love, AM x


Small hand👏


I guess I’m just picky, but I REALLY wish there was an option for white “tap to continue” text with no gradient effect. The hand might lead to some awkward placement, the pink text might not match the other text boxes in the story, and the gradient messes with the lighting. Plain white text seems like the least invasive option, in my opinion.


They all look amazing, just add the new text colour box in as well, and you’ve shot my heart aflame.



The annoying part for me is the Gradient. I don’t get why so many people want it!!!
A small Tap to Continue would have been perfect, without the hand and gradient.

The fact that it dims the screen is a pain when it comes to editing :roll_eyes:


White tap to continue, no gradient?


So having had this new Continue button with the hand, I agree with @amepisode about it being in most sensitive areas when it is on screen. It makes it look and feel awkward. I miss the original button. But I did vote for White tap with gradient.


Hi! I REALLY appreciate Episode taking the time to address our concerns! Thank you! I’m happily surprised :smiley:

But the pointing hand is unnerving. It’s actually giving me anxiety as I try to spot direct my story for the contest. It’s not ideal.

So is the gradient, which - as others have said - is a nightmare for editors (or anyone wanting to make overlays from body parts).

Could we just go back to the original? Otherwise, is the message really necessary? When I first joined the app, no one had to tell me to tap to continue. And I’m pretty sure every single 10 year old in this technological age would know to do so…


Oh and if you’ve got strong reasons for having some sort of tap to continue message, could it be removable in the directing mode?! Like the text boxes! That would solve a lot of the issues!


I just realised that @amepisode pretty much expressed the same thing :smiley:


I accidentally picked the pink text, but I think the white is the best.


I vote for returning to the small “Tap to Continue” text under the balloons.

Possibly with a configuration option in the app to disable it completely, because new users may need it but veteran readers surely know what to do to advance a story.


Whichever you end up choosing, as long as it’s without the annoying gradient, it’s fine with me.


I don’t think we need a tap to continue button. It’s pretty self explanatory.