Help using “gain”!


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I was hoping if you could tell me how I can use “gain” During customization. For example in the case of the hair.
If someone chose “Long braided” hair and for a scene I changed it for “Morning Updo”, how do I do in order to be the first one without adding another hair customization?

I hope I have made myself understand! :sob:

FEATURE: addapting the hair and lipstick on the persons while creating the outfits so it matches!

Add a gain Long_Braid to the choice before the goto. Then you can use an if statement to recall it:
if (Long_Braid){
@CHARACTER changes hair into Long Braided


Hey @Itzelwrites26 does this comment above answer your question?


The only way to use gains for customization is if you add a yes/no choice inside every single choice option. If just add a gain inside every choice, then the reader will gain all of those gains when they tap through all the options. It’s best to create a duplicate character, and just change that duplicate’s hair into Morning Updo, then switch back to the main character.


@Dara.Amarie @Purple_Ghost Thank you so much for your help. It really helped me. :ok_hand:
ANd @Megmattjb1 Yes, both were of much help!!



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