Help viewing my story

So I have a problem, I have my first chapter ready and it’s basically done. I started the second one as well. But when I preview the story on my phone it totally skips to the SECOND episode. Solutions?

do you have a lot of scenes? do you use any labels?

Yes in the first episode

what about the second one?

Just narration for now

so you can’t see narration? do you have a black screen maybe?

No, when I go in all what shows up is the start of the second episode. None of the first.

Oh, I know what you mean now! :smile:

Click on Navigation -------> Episodes (second one from the bottom) -------> then you can pick an episode to play :blush:

Thank you so much!!

No problem :smiley: Happy New Year! :fireworks:

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You to :smile:

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