HELP - voting on a description for my story!

Hey! I am writing a romance LL story about a cabaret dancer and a millionaire. I am battling myself on what to describe the story as. You can vote for multiple choices, up to three!

  • A cabaret dancer and a millionaire should never meet - but they do. Is there room for such a temptress in this bachelor’s world?
  • She is a cabaret dancer who hates her millionaire boss. Can she fight him forever, or will she fall for his games?
  • The cabaret dancer and the millionaire are never supposed to meet - let alone start a game of lust, love, and lies. Can they make it to the other side?
  • She’s sassy and refuses to settle down - he’s playful and wants to play his games with her. Who will win in a fight of lust, love, and lies?
  • He’s a millionaire CEO and she’s a Parisian cabaret dancer. He wants her for himself; one problem: she despises him.

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