‘help w a paragraph

hi, i need help with a paragraph on how isaac newton influenced people in the time period he was in, if you can help, pls pm me w the paragraph :pleading_face:

also this is due in a few hours so help a girly out :weary:


aww i wish i could but i know nothing bout him

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If you have the info I can help you write it tho :pleading_face:

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the only source im allowed to use is wikipedia, you dont have to if you cant, but you can try if you want

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I wanna help a girly out



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I can’t give ya paragraph but I can give ya helpful tips for better paragraphs. I hope that ain’t mean, it’s just a better way for you to learn!

-topic sentence

Make sure you start with a topic sentence for your paragraph.

-your details

Remember to add details in this paragraph. Include at least two details. Use transitional words like “For example…”, “In addition…” Also include an explanation on how your details relates to the topic.

-clincher statement

Make you bring closure to your paragraph! Make sure your topic sentence and clincher sentence have the same meaning but typed in a different way.

For the details on what achievements he has done that influenced people, you can use this website, I’d recommend for the first details to be the The Three Laws of Motion since that’s really popular in science.


For the time period, use the achievements you have chose and find its time period

Your format for your paragraph
Issac Newton influenced people in (time period where he influenced the people). He had accomplished many things. This can be proven with examples. For example, _____________. This shows that _______________. .In addition, _______________________. This shows that _____________________________. Clearly one can see that Issac Newton has convinced people in (time period where he influenced the people).

Anyways hope this helped!

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Np ilyttt

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