Help w background pls

does anyone how to make these fit into a bg cus it says theyre too small :confused:



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the 2nd one is a hidden bg so can’t use it.

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tysm !!

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tysmmm !

oh okay!

how do you know is there a post were I can find information about that ? that way I know what background is hidden and which one isn’t

And then use the sizes:
1 zone: 640 1136
2 zone: 1280
3 zone: 1920* 1136


I’m trying to find the person on instagram who’s put all hidden bgs on.

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If you have instagram search @rebecca.stories hidden bgs are on there.

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do you have insta so i can credit?

do you have insta so i could cred?


no need to :blush:

okay ! <3

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okay !

you don’t have to credit or use but i also use this one -
i know it’s late but just incase you need one ever <3

tysm, love ! <3

yw !