Help w/coding, intro, art, overlays

Hello dolls, I need some help and it would be great if someone could help me.
Someone who is good with coding / art


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What do u need help with sweetie?

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Im trying to make an intro but can’t make it work with the codings

like overlays or backgrounds?

Like both… Im not sure if I should use a gif AND overlay how I put them and stuff like that

You mean you want to use a background and also want stuff to be flying, and also roaming here and there in your script? or on the screen?

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Kind of yeah, but I can only seem to get ONE thing move and the rest just stands still…

You have to make everything into an overlay that you want to move!

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Yeah but I can I have more than 1 overlay IN

I am apart of the Episode Diamonds group. We would love to help you with anything you may need.

Yes, you can have more then one overlay in it!
Just have to place every overlay into the place that you want it to be in!

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but how… like
INT.BACKGROUND with overlay1 and then? how do I get the others in?

Sorry for the trouble

Same you can just have it coded like-

INT. BACKGROUND with OVERLAY 1 with OVERLAY 2 and so on.

And remember the name of the overlay must be in caps!

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Omg… thank you so much

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No problem and @Episode-Royalty can help with more overlays , covers and all that stuff!


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