‘ help w earth science

i may be able to do the first one, but i need help with the 2nd n 3rd <33

i’m sorry, i know i ask for help alot in this community, but i’m really not good w paragraphs/essays whatsoever :sweat_smile:.

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For number three, mechanical weathering is the actual breaking down of big rocks to form small rocks. An example would be ice-wedging when water freezes in a tiny crack in a rock causes the crack to expand then break. Chemical weathering is what it sounds. It’s the breaking down of rocks and minerals by chemical changes. Those are carbonation and oxidation for example. One relies on psychical changes and the other is chemical.

Uhhh for the second one, metamorphic rocks are formed by intense pressure/heat which can occur with plate tectonic movements. When the plates collide, it causes pressure and while colliding, they create friction which gives off heat. Thus when you have the two, it begins the formation of metamorphic rocks.


thank you!!


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