Help w labeling


does anyone know why this error is coming up?


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lol my bad i put it in creaters corner because it had a script error but alright lol-- can you help me with my question or?


@rbepisode Personally, I would suggest looking through the tutorial scripts in the Writer’s Portal. I’ve solved most of my problems that way. :sunglasses:


You cannot have labels inside of brackets (choices or if/elif/else). You need to put that dressing game outside of the choice and instead put a goto in the choice that leads to the dressing game label


Do you want to change your outfit?

“Yes!” {
goto club_outfit

} “No!” {
goto end_cluboutfit

label club_outfit

[dressing game here]

label end_cluboutfit

[contine story here]


but i still need this dressing game to be apart of the else choice because it’s for a certain choice if that makes sense. How do i continue the else choice after this


if (blah) {
[scene here]
goto merge_scenes

} elif (blah) {
[scene here]
goto merge_scenes

} else {
goto club_outfit

label club_outfit
[dressing game here]

[continue else here]

label merge_scenes
[this is where if, elif, and else merge back to the story line]