Help w/ Remembering Choices

Hey guys, I’ve been writing my first story and I keep getting stuck on remembering choices throughout episodes. I’ve watched tutorials and read about it but I just can’t seem to figure out what’s going wrong. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Here’s a link to help you!! Hope it helps. If not, contact me for further questioning! :kissing_heart:

HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

I’ve tried using “else” but it gave me nothing but an error code. I’ve had to use only “if” and “elif.”

How many total choices are in your choice? (Can the reader pick only 1 option, 2 options, 5 options…?)

I have 18 clothing choices, 8 makeup choices, and 9 hair choices. everything else works except remembering the choices.

do you use gains? or label your choices?

I did both of those things. I don’t know where I’m going wrong.

Screenshot your script. Is there an error?

Did you use gains in your choices?

yes I used the gains too. these are just some of the choices not all of them

Do you reset your flags every time you preview?
If not the will carry over.

I’m not sure. How do you do that?

Story Modifiers - Flags - Remove all gained flags.

In my example, I selected “Skin Tone”. I gained TestA. It is highlighted. To remove it, I have to click on it.

None of my flags were highlighted. When I play the story from the beginning, the hair and lipstick are what I picked on the previous play through test, and as I pick my choices throughout the chapter, the choices are remembered. But when I come to the next episode the only thing that is remembered is the hair and lipstick. if that makes any sense