HELP: Walking on scene at (xyz) speed

Hey, so I’m trying to get a scene set up with multiple characters in the background with the MC’s the main focus.

I want some walking/running, talking/eating…you get it. My main question though, is how to get a character to walk in screen at a certain speed?

@CHARACTER walks to x y z in zone 1 in s and CHARACTER does it while animation

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How do I find out how many zones and, which one is which in different backgrounds?

When you use the spot directing tool it says in which zone the character is

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And I can use the Spot Director on the app or while I’m in Portal?

Yes, you need to click the update button on the left of the portal to see the saved changes you make though

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Found it! :grin:

So, if I wanted to make multiple characters move at once, how would that go?

&CHAR1 walks to spot …
@CHAR2 walks to spot …

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So, I’m still having a bit of issue with this.

Pm me!

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