Help wanted: advance directing


Hi everyone, my name is haley i am a new writer on the episode app but i have been writing for years and other platforms hold most of my work- yes i am currently working on new pieces right now but i am curious- i got an idea for an episode story: veil in red i got a little bit written up right now- But i want to make it so its more immersive and not just in basic directing- i am not the greatest at basic directing, the reason why this is in ink though is because you cant delete stories that have one episode with no dialogue.

But i am looking for a Advance director- this would be a co-editor project as i want this project to be a team effort as well as a learning process. Because i am very new to this and i really just edited on my phone before they took it off so…

i would like to make this idea happen, i have been wanting to learn more ever since i found the app and could edit granted my first two stories were nearly posted a few weeks to a month ago.

my Instagram: @the_echo_tribune ( yes i use a few different alias)

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what level of skills are you looking for?

advance directing- or the basics of it. i have a new idea though, kinda of a connection to veil in red- theif in a mask is a tie in to veil but i can say just the basic advance directing for now or i don’t reber if i put it in ink or not but if its in ink i would like to try to have movable overlays.

I know basics and lil advance of limelight style coding

okay well if you are up to it i have another story that i would like to do- a few actually but it is up to you- i can send you over the project titles I’m working on for now

Ok we can talk about it

LL or lime light:

  • phantom of the eternal: royal family or fantasy story- i dont know if i want to spin it as a romance or more action to blood shed in a theatrical term?

-always the bride never the devil: action/romance- i don’t have much of a dialogue yet for it or base but i do know that i am not really wanting to make it a fantasy supernatural story

-Blood Rose: i don’t know if i want to tie it into a theif in a mask and a veil in red yet so idk on it.

  • Death without desire- reverse harem contemporary romance so more drama than romance in my taste anyways- it was originally a fan fic base but i switched it

  • throne of blood ( ink) i forget if i have a dialogue base for this yet but i do know it will take a darker turn to the vampire genre and not going the romance route. but a battle for peace amongst vampires and humans but i want to drag it out a bit and make it so its a contemporary drama met action and horror

this sounds good

this too

okay, would you be interested in doing a collaboration on either of them or both?

Both, I like the idea
the second one sounds a lil harder if u are gonna branch it but I will do what I can if u have me

absolutely, i have been trying to branch out and find people to collaborate with and that would be perfect- i am still learning new techniques with writing but I’ve been writing since the 7h grade but i still have room for improvement lol

same here PM and we talk about the details of the stories if u’d like