HELP WANTED: dead at the mist- episode adaptation advance directing

i recently posted another help wanted ad into a similar category- advance directing, but i would like to create this story as a episode, it would be in Limelight, and how this idea all started was from a short horror Christmas story- sleeping demons, i am looking for someone who can help me but also give feedback on this as it is my first horror/mystery/crime novel. i am doing two versions of this- one for episode and one for paper.

here is a little bit of background or the snyopsis: Dead At the mist: 27-year-old homicide detective Lilith Marshall received a new case to go undercover as a new neighbor to befriend 28-year-old high school football coach Austin Richard, four years ago today his sister was received missing in the case of a horrendous discovery. 2 weeks after the anniversary of the missing girl: Violet amethyst Richard a bright and young girl in her freshman year of high school at the age of just 16. She was attending Hillview Academy at the time. With an undercover case, a lot of pressure was put on Lilith. Being the youngest detective in her class she had a lot to live up to. With this case of missing people and murders popping up everywhere she knew this was something much more. What was hidden? Was it something in plain sight? Or maybe someone was.

i have an entire base plan for this and would like to make it as a trilogy- followed with many twists and turns and even hidden clues in other stories, i have a few already like torn dead- The Secret Witness and a few others too.

if you are interested: pm me here or dm me on my Instagram if i do not respond right away i may not have a notification but i do check frequently.

one other thing i may add is that the killer for this story is in one other story: the last girl- it has many clues to how the killer or antagonist thinks and would act- yes i plan on revamping it but it is someone close to the friend group in the dead at the mist universe

edit: for the novel base or written version my goal is December 20 to post the first few chapters of it, episode version at least by new years no later than jan 20- first three episodes


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