Help wanted - Horror directing, overlays, etc

Hello, I am currently working on a horror story and need help…
Like how to direct something to make it look creepy, overlays, backgrounds, scary animations and just stuff like that.
Please help me :))

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What is your story about?

I can help you find overlays and give tips on scenes.

It’s about a girl who basically gets possesed by a devil, so maybe if you can find like white eyes or a hand with a cross or something

Is it Limelight? Can you give her character details and outfit? I might be able to make one for you.

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It’s in limelight, and the outfit is:
Leggings Plain Latex Blue Sky

Thick Framed Nerdy Frames Plastic Neutral Black

Tank Striped Crop Top Cotton Blue Neptune

Also she wears a pair of black glasses (nerd ones)

The details are:
skin: Neutral 01
brows: Arched thick style
hair: Long straight loose solid - black
eyes: deepset turndowned - blue
face: heart defined
nose: grecian soft
lips: full heart pouty - beige rose

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Alright, sorry for not replying a while, I couldn’t find enough time, I’m sorry. :sweat_smile:

So, for your white eyes request, I created a scene in my mind. I don’t know if you’re good at directing, but I’m sure you can manage this, I’ll help if you need to. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is the scene, her eyes will go up and it’ll be fully white/blank. I made these overlays for idle_happy_pose animation, so it has a sinister look, but I’ll try to adapt them for another animation if you have something in mind.


Character stands still in “screen center” and “faces right”, these are the only commands you need, and oh, well, there’s a @zoom on 150 404 to 263% in 0 too. You don’t need to download this, I only put it to set the scene.

And this overlay, it has to have the highest layer, I recommend using five, this will allow us to hide the eye overlays.


It may not look like that, but I swear there’s an overlay here, please right click it. :rofl: These are the white eyes, you should make them at layer 3.


And these are the eyes combined, they should be at layer 4. These will go up in overlays commands, you’ll keep the X (placement) still but make the Y (height) bigger.

Here’s the eyes but in separate overlays, if you need them.

If you liked this scene, let me know, I’ll help you code it if you want. Also, what skin color holding cross overlay should be? Is it neutral 01 again? And is the MC holding it, or is someone else holding it? Let me know and I’ll create it. @allasam786 :blush:

For the cross, I want like a priest holding it and Grace is in the center.
Here are a few examples of what I want;
epiiii episssss

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Do you have an outfit/character details for the priest?

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