Help wanted! Need co-writer


Hello to anyone interested, I am a amateur writer and I need help writing my story. I did have a previous co-writer once upon a time but she is no longer interested in helping me out (which is okay we are still friends) she just has a busier life. I write mainly fiction and 8/10 times it’ll have romance. I am love love. Anyway my current story is called the “Spiritual Library” it’s about a girl who lives in a dystopian world with a strict communist government that controls 75% of the earth. People under the government’s control are not allowed to have any knowledge of anything and are made to believe that the less they know the happier they are, with this ideology comes the law that books are illigal and anyone cought with one are punished by death. There is however, a group of people that are known as the rebels and their goal is to let people live how they want with the exception of murder and rape etc. But that means they nee to over throw the government to make everyone happy. Help is definitely going to be appreciated!!


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Thank you so much, I’m new just made an account like 10 minutes ago I really appreciate you pointing me in the right direction


Np! I love helping the community. Have a nice day or night! :heart::wave:


You too! :heart:


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Hey ! Do you need help with plot ? Dialogues ? Backgrounds ? Coding ? What exactly ?


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Hey :slight_smile: tell me in what you need help and i might be able to help you