Help Wanted! Need Someone Interested in Helping Me Write My First Story!

I’m looking for someone to help me out with my first story, Home.
It’s about a transgender girl named Clair in a small, closed-minded town. She struggles with internal issues, as well as bullying and a less-than supportive mother! Anyone interested is welcome to shoot me a message! Thank you!


I need someone to help with coding. I could also use plot ideas. While I have an outline of a story, I need the events to keep it interesting until the end. Thanks for your reply~!

It’s a choice-based (which I need help with) story that changes slightly based on player choice.
I posted the synopsis at the top. It is a drama with romantic options, and some mystery.

Thank you. As for cliffhangers, I have no idea. I don’t want them to be too over-the-top, you know? But I want them to be interesting. If you have any, I’m open to ideas!

I noticed you liked the post. I’m still looking for ideas and/or advice. If you have any, I’d really appreciate it if you messaged me! I’m also still looking for someone to help with coding, and more people to help with story writing!
I would have PMed you this, but I have a limit to topics I can create. Tragic.

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Sure! I can try :wink:

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Shoot me a message if you have anything! Thanks!

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I’d like to say i’m pretty experienced when it comes to coding.
If you ever need a template for anything, PM me :slight_smile:

I would love that, actually. However, I can’t shoot you a PM at the moment. There’s a limit to topics I can create on my first day. If you could start the convo, I would really appreciate it! Thanks.