Help Wanted! Need Someone Interested in Helping Me Write My First Story!


I’m looking for someone to help me out with my first story, Home.
It’s about a transgender girl named Clair in a small, closed-minded town. She struggles with internal issues, as well as bullying and a less-than supportive mother! Anyone interested is welcome to shoot me a message! Thank you!


what do you need? an artist or an someone to code for you? a photoshoper?


I need someone to help with coding. I could also use plot ideas. While I have an outline of a story, I need the events to keep it interesting until the end. Thanks for your reply~!


Im not the best coder but i have a lot of ideas if you need some… what are you making?


It’s a choice-based (which I need help with) story that changes slightly based on player choice.
I posted the synopsis at the top. It is a drama with romantic options, and some mystery.


do you some cliffhangers? i like your idea


Thank you. As for cliffhangers, I have no idea. I don’t want them to be too over-the-top, you know? But I want them to be interesting. If you have any, I’m open to ideas!


you can message me some more info about the first episode and how do you want it to go and ill think of a cliffhanger and maybe a couple of more ideas


I noticed you liked the post. I’m still looking for ideas and/or advice. If you have any, I’d really appreciate it if you messaged me! I’m also still looking for someone to help with coding, and more people to help with story writing!
I would have PMed you this, but I have a limit to topics I can create. Tragic.


Sure! I can try :wink:


Shoot me a message if you have anything! Thanks!


I’d like to say i’m pretty experienced when it comes to coding.
If you ever need a template for anything, PM me :slight_smile:


I would love that, actually. However, I can’t shoot you a PM at the moment. There’s a limit to topics I can create on my first day. If you could start the convo, I would really appreciate it! Thanks.