HELP WANTED - Uploading my own backgrounds, but unable to upload them as overlays

Posting pics I’ve attempted to do my own backgrounds for my stories
Although I have managed to upload them as backgrounds, I’ve been unable to upload them as overlays
Could anyone help me please?
Here’s 2 I’ve done so far

For overlays, they have to be in PNG format

You have to make them as png:s backgrounds have something else, jpg or something (I think it’s wrong)
But if you want a character stand behind the mirror you have to cut it out and make one separate overlay.

@Jenaco & @Natasha_Darkforce - they are saved as PNG or JPG (I used Gimp app and all files are exported/saved as png or jpg)

For the backgrounds, they should be in JPG format, but if you want to use that same background as an overlay, they have to be in PNG format!

How do I change the format?

Use this!

Saved this link :slight_smile: But still saying image is too high :frowning:
How can I lower the image without altering the size of the overlay :thinking:

I’m assuming your overlay is over 1MB, use this to compress it!

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