Help What am I doing wrong?

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MAISEY (animation)
dialogue goes here


@MAISEY is animation

I tried that still says error

can you post your code here?

Maybe I just don’t get what to do lol

okay so you need to do what I said above ^^
but you can check out Joseph Evans on youtube and that will cover more or less everything you need to know about coding (:

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Like @caitlindrewthis said above, you need to change your code to this

Character names must always be in all CAPS in the script.

CHARACTER (animation) is only used for dialogue. If you don’t want your character to talk and just want them to do the animation, then you need to use @CHARACTER is animation.

But you have to place your character in the scene first before making them do an animation.

You should read up on this guide for beginners here


Copy paste this and see…

@maisey is applaud_happy_offset_loop

Don’t add the brackets!

Try this one
@MAISEY is talk_whisper_unsure
@MAISEY is applaud_happy_offset_loop

Pls inform me if this works

Actually this won’t work :sweat_smile:

If that could… it should be like

      MAISEY (animation)


Ohh i got it and edited it.