Help! What am I doing wrong?

So I have this character customization thing and everything is going great, but today I thought it would be nice if, after the reader is done customizing, I added a choice of Yes or No to either proceed or go back to the customization to change something. I created it myself:

Are you happy with Shay’s look?

goto female_1_end
goto female_custom_1

I am sure the label names are correct. “female_1_end” is the ending label and "female_custom_1 is the starting label.

I thought if maybe I needed to add the word “label” after the “goto” and before the actual name of the label, but every “goto” I saw at the premade Episode Template had no “label” after the “goto”.

Before this choice I created there are the hair choices of the Template and after I’ve put this:

label female_1_end

@SHAY exits right

volume music 0 3000

@transition fade out black in 3

(I eventually added a “music off” command, yet I don’t thing that is what’s causing the problem)

My problem is that this choice doesn’t appear on the screen.

Every help is appreciated. Thank you

Can you send a screenshot? Also try using a template from the script editor templates, they will probably work because it has the new skin tones and all of that


That is the screenshot and if you are referring to the customization template it is from the script templates. I just wanted to add this “Are you happy with the look?” thing and a choice of Yes or No just for the reader to be sure they didn’t make any mistakes or accidentaly hit DONE.

did you try on your phone :thinking:

If you need help with your coding…submit your error to this link and we will be sure to help out

Yes it still doesn’t work

I think this might be a label somewhere in the menu on the beginning. I’ll send you my email, so you can send me your script :slight_smile:

So the problem is because you put that choice before the label female_1_end. When you hit “this is perfect” when you are done customizing the character, it takes you to that label, so essentially it skips over that choice.

You have to put that choice after the label female_1_end, and leave the “yes” choice empty. The script will continue once they hit the yes choice.

Please help me, So I have been interested in making a episode story for a few months now and I’ve done my research and everything, we’ll for the past 2 weeks I’ve been trying to make my 1st episode, everything is all good until I type sentences for the characters to speak, then it says “unexpected garbage: this text on this line does not follow our formating” or when I try to have a character have an emotion without a sentence it says “@CHARACTER (emotion) is not a valid directing command” please help because I really want to make a story but this is getting pretty frustrating and I don’t know what the problem is

Dialogue looks like this:

CHARACTER (animation)
Dialogue here.

A character doing an animation without talking looks like this:

@CHARACTER is animation

And how do I fix the error for when I type a sentence?

Thank you so muchh it worked perfectly!!!