HELP: what are some microaggressions toward people with natural 4b-4c hair

In my story i’m planning to have a scene where one of the character’s hair gets touched by a random old lady. He has 4b to 4c hair. but before giving me suggestions i am a non black person so would it be inappropriate to put that in?


So that’s usually considered extremely offensive to the black community. Having that done to me in the past times makes me extremely uncomfortable and it’s very intrusive to my personal space. We are not pets that you can randomly approach and touch on. I’m not too sure what your plot is but in or out the story it’s always best to ask a person before touching them. Think of it like randomly rubbing a pregnant women’s belly that you don’t know.

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so the context is basically the character recalling a memory he had when he was at the store with his mom when a random old lady touches his hair. She says “I’ve never seen a lightskin with this hair before” because he is biracial.
also im sorry that you had experience that type of harassment

Oh yea, that’s definitely not cool lol. You could have his mom smack her hand away or something. That’s something my grandmother and myself would have done lol. Is this the start of his identity crisis or self discovery? When you’re finished with it, I’d love to read it when you publish it.

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i added that part lol!

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