Help what do I do?

So I recently had a bug on my app right? So I sent out a ticket, They sent me this long paragraph that said “Uninstall the app and we will tell you when to install it back” So I uninstalled the app and emailed them back, “I have REinstalled the app, thank you so much for helping me I really appreciate it!”
I made a mistake and said I REinstalled it but I actually meant I UNinstalled it. I sent another email say oops I realized I made a typo I meant uninstalled the app. Do I wait and see if they email me back (it’s been 2 days) or download the app to get my support ID to send another ticket?


omg I’d say wait one more day then if nothing happens try to reinstall (??)


Okay thank you! I will wait another day

Hey there @Stickk, just some advice regarding tickets: it’s always best to wait for the team to respond after you’ve sent in a reply. The reason for this is that if you submit another reply to a ticket after you answered it the first time, it will push your ticket to the bottom of the queue, and take the team longer to reply to it. It’s best to just answer once, and then wait for a reply. :wink:

Oh my thank you! I wish I knew this sooner :open_mouth:

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No worries, it’s a common mistake people make. This way you’ll know for next time! :smiley: