Help! What's wrong with my music?! EDIT: SOLVED


EDIT: SOLVED @Ryan @Jeremy Please close this thread!

sorry about some of the profanity in my script, please ignore it if you don’t agree with it!

Please help me, I have looked all over the internet and not seen any solutions, so I’m posting here.

So, I’ll try and explain this the best I can.

I’ve started writing a story and in the very beginning when the character is shown for the first time, and she’s getting ready, I added some music. The music worked beautifully, And I faded it out. HOWEVER, now whenever I try and add in more music into my other scenes, it’s not working! You can’t hear the music. Sounds work just fine, but music doesn’t.

This is what I did in the first scene:

@TALIA stands screen center in zone 2 AND TALIA faces left
@transition fade in black 3
@TALIA changes into TALIA_pajamas1
@pan to zone 2
@TALIA is yawn_bored
music music_breezy_lp

    TALIA (talk_sheepish)
Damn, time for school already?

(rest of dialogue)

@TALIA is eyeroll

    TALIA (talk_call_out)

@TALIA exits left
volume music 0 3000
@transition fade out black 3
music off

THEN, right AFTER, I put this in:

@MOLLY stands screen left in zone 3 AND MOLLY faces right
@transition fade in black 3
@pan to zone 3
@MOLLY is text_phone_neutral_loop
music int_apartment_day

@TALIA enters from right to screen right AND TALIA faces left

    TALIA (talk_preen)
Morning asshole.

BUT I CAN’T HEAR THE MUSIC. It’s like this with every scene! Please reply to this post and try and help me. I can post screenshots or message you the whole script or anything else you need of mine. I really just want the music to work! :confounded:


It’s because you lowered the volume when you made it fade out. So you have to put the volume back up.


Thank you so much! I’m so dumb!!! :grin:


You’re welcome! :smile:


@BlueShine, make sure to tell @Ryan or @Jeremy to close the thread if you got the answer you needed.


Okay! Do I just tag them in this post like you kind of did?