HELP! Whenever I change my character's outfit for a scene, It changes them for the whole story/episode

help me please

The outfit will stay the same unless you change them

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Whenever I try to change them for one scene, it does it for the whole episode. Is that ok or no?

note that if the is because you go back to before the clothes change then its because you gone through the command once. it dosent mean that it will like that in the app

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so it won’t be like that in the app?

not for readers, if you like do a command like change the hair in chapter seven and go to chapter one it will still have that hair. because you went through the command. readers will not be able to go back in stories

but I’,m working on episode one

and in the middle, i changed their clothes, and it shows up in the beginning of the chapter

is that normal or no

yes . if you reloade the page she will have the orginal outfit on. and when she go through the command she will change into the other agian. nothing is wrong

ok fine